Aqua Tide is a female-owned, South African company with Level 1 Broad-Based BEE Status, engaging in manufacture and supply of Value Moving Consumer Goods. The current portfolio includes Pool & Spa Products and a range of Household and Industrial Detergents.

Value Moving as opposed to Fast Moving Consumer Goods, transparently exposes the chain of manufacture, supply and all interrelated dependencies, thus sensitizing Consumers to real value in these increasingly challenging economic times. This market engagement approach governs the Value of all participants in our Ecosystem and seeks to re-connect Core Human Values lost in the current lack of Integrity, Truth and Respect of the business engagement climate. We don’t just Manufacture…we Human Factor.


To Manufacture and Supply, Value Moving Consumer Goods (VMCG)


To build an ecosystem of suppliers and resellers that aligns and shares our Core Values whilst engaging to execute on the Vision.

To transparently expose all interrelated dependencies from manufacture to consumption of our goods thus educating and sensitizing all participants to quality, cost effective consumer goods and the Value Chain impacted by this consumption.

To deliver and drive associated services supporting and sustaining the value chain.

To create sustainable jobs and opportunities in South Africa and improve the living conditions of our people.


INTEGRITY – Unity in Thought, Word, Action building a trustworthy foundation to engage with.

TRUTH – Purity of Thought, Word, Action that genuinely respects our ecosystem and positively impacts on all participants from Manufacturer to Consumer.

RESPECT – Of People, their situations and their Experience; genuinely tapping into their Humanness to extract Good Values to build and execute on in our ecosystem. We Listen, Learn and Act as the most powerful words are to be found in those that lead by action.

To further support our Vision and Mission an interactive Web Portal with Social Media integration, embraces and enhances our ecosystem engagements, its visibility and consumer attraction/satisfaction thus governs us to the committed values.

Our ecosystem of Distributors and Resellers is segmented in 3 target market categories; Residential Consumers, Industrial Consumers/ Verticals(Hospitality) and Government thus enabling engagement and expertise closest to our consumers and uniquely targets human values development whilst providing opportunities of business and employment.

Aqua Tide is a fresh wave in Value Moving Consumer Goods


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